Marciela Rodrigues

"Use your past traumas as a weapon to make change rather than an excuse to give up." - Marciela 

Job title: 
NAVCAL Femtor, NAV2CAL Femtor, NAV2CAL Research Coordinator, NAVCAL Manager

My name is Marciela Juarez Rodrigues (She/Her). I am a first-generation, Low-Income, Latinx, admitted at the University of California Berkeley. I am Berkeley Hope Scholar, a program for former foster youth, Underground Scholar, a program for system impacted or formerly incarcerated students, and a STEM Scholar, an honorary program for high achieving statistically underrepresented STEM students. I am a returning mentor NavCal and Nav2Cal. Where I help first-generation, low-income and statistically marginalized college and high school students better navigate the higher education system. In my first semester as a freshman, I founded two fully-funded research teams both supervised by tenure professors. I co-created the first-ever all former foster youth research team supervised by Dr. Berrick in the social welfare department researching the child welfare system. I am also a founder of an all-women of color research team supervised by Dr. Harding the head of the sociology department researching the pipeline from high school to the UC system for underrepresented and statistically marginalized communities. I am the lead data analyst in a research project through CYC a non-profit in the Bay Area. I  taught a class on how to demystify research and Data analysis for statistically marginalized communities. I also volunteer with a non-profit,Selfesteam, teaching young women of color the applications of STEM. My major is Applied Mathematics with a concentration in data analysis and a minor in Data Science. I hope to one day be able to merge my degree in the STEM field with my passion for the social sciences and helping others. This upcoming academic year I will be a Peter E Hass public Service Leader and a Firebaugh Scholar.


  • Marco Antonio Firebaugh Scholars Program Recipient
  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) Participant
  • Founding Member of the 1st All Former Foster Youth Research Team
  • Founding Member of the Nav2Cal Research Team
  • Honorary $10,000 Minerva Scholarship Recipient
  • Paid Internship with California Youth Connection (CYC)
  • AAVP Underserved & Underrepresented Freshmen Scholarship Recipient
  • Textbook Scholarship Recipient
  • Public Service Center (PSC) Peter E. Haas Fellowship Leaders Recipient
  • Secured stable housing
  • Rochdale Scholarship Recipient
  • Summer Bridge Fellow
  • $50,000+ of Outside Scholarships
  • Received 3 Letters of Rec so far