Marciela leading students to Sproul Hall

Our philosophy is that through students themselves lies the most expedient way of disseminating the "Hidden Curriculum" in the University. NAVCAL utilizes students on this campus to effectively disseminate information to new students through the method of "Each One Teach One".

Underrepresented students from non-tradition deserve the opportunity to develop the social and cultural capital skills needed for their success at UC Berkeley and beyond. Our program is a direct reaction against the “Sink or Swim” model on university campuses in the nation. Each new student should never have to reinvent their own “Resource Wheel.” Rather, we believe that utilizing this campus’ number one resource, the students themselves, can and will support other student's success. We hope to change the competition model that exists today, and instead, propose our own “Together Approach" that fosters community in a safe and supported environment. 

NAVCAL is taught mostly in the field rather than in the classroom through the application of practicum vs. theory. We believe coaching life skills, such as networking and communication techniques, can and will teach students to be successful in both their academic and professional lives. We challenge students to not only acquire resources for themselves, but to pay it forward by showing others how to effectively navigate UC Berkeley.