Poem from the Assistant Vice Chancellor

NAV2CAL a Poem:

Welcome to NAV2CAL, a program designed just for you; We’re happy you accepted the invitation so here’s what we’re going to do;

We are going to give you all the answer, the answers to the test; About how to go to college, where you belong with all the rest;

First, we want you to know that college is not a breeze; But, if you go through NAV2CAL it will put your mind at ease;
At ease about the nuances, the things that others won’t tell; About the secrets of college—yes, we want you to excel;

Did you know there are other students from your town who have pathed the way for you; They are ready to hold your hand and walk you every step through,

Through Sather Gate and Sproul plaza, places you will need to go; To get scholarships and money for college tuition and so;
So when you come to college, you will not have to worry about your basic needs; Like food, shelter, and housing, we really gotcha indeed;

Let me introduce you to our NavTors, mentors who know all the ins and outs; Of how to get through college, navigate Cal, and go about;

About the business of gathering all the resources, and uplifting your full humanity; To satisfy requirements, like ACES, a course that bridges from classroom to community;

We believe your community is one of your greatest assets and that is a fact; So bring your full authentic self and don’t forget to give back.

Written by 

Mia Settles-Tidwell

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Chief of Staff of Diversity and Inclusion

Mia A. Settles-Tidwell Headshot