Our Team

Dean Tanioka Head Shot

Dean Tanioka 


Dean is a graduate of the Sociology Department at UC Berkeley. He has been an integral piece to the inception and growth of NAVCAL, and currently serves as the Director of NAVCAL. Dean also spearheaded the launching of and operations of the NAV2CAL Program. Dean’s relationship to education, violence, and the carceral state fueled his work as a student and now serves as a catalyst for his role as staff. His proximity to the inequities in society guides his passion for the work of equity. Dean’s experiences as a student and now staff, closely align with his goals to both pave the way for our future leaders in society and reimagine how our communities from non-tradition show up at Cal.

McArthur Full Body Picture

Mac Hoang 


Mac is a graduate of the Sociology Department at UC Berkeley. He started the NAVCAL and NAV2CAL program through the UC Berkeley Public Service Center Peter E. Haas Leadership Fellowship with the support of Dr. Victoria Robinson and the Ethnic Studies Department. Mac is motivated to help students from non-traditional backgrounds navigate Cal. Mac grew up in the margins of society and has excelled at navigating educational systems—his goal is to reach back and support those that follow. Being from the non-traditional background, Mac has the ability to view education through the lens of those who are often overlooked.