Welcome to NAVCAL

The NAVCAL fellowship assists incoming nontraditional students in navigating the University of California, Berkeley campus through a near-peer/student-to-student approach—where current students coach and mentor incoming students and pass down their own knowledge and experiences to help incoming students adjust themselves into higher education. 

NAV2CAL for me is a safe place where I learned to embrace myself as a first-generation, low-income, and undocumented student. The help I have received in NAV2CAL is help I have never received anywhere else which is why I value this program so much.
NAV2CAL 2022 Student Fellow
NAVCAL for me means community, support and knowledge. NAVCAL is a community, my community. NAVCAL is safe place for historically marginalized students, where we demystify higher education, challenge each other to become better scholars and instill higher levels of confidence in one another through mentorship.
NAVCAL Fall 2022 Student Fellow