RootED is a virtual summer experience designed specifically for underrepresented rising high school senior students.

RootED aims to support rising seniors from marginalized and underrepresented groups including those that are low-income, first generation, foster youth, system impacted, undocumented, student parents, or hold any other identities that make them untraditional college students. 

Throughout the duration of this summer program, students will be paired up with a mentor that is currently a UC Berkeley student. They will be given assistance on writing their personal statements, learning more about the experience of being an underrepresented student on college campuses, get a breakdown of financial aid options, explore their personal "why", unpack some of the traumas and stigmas that are associated with the communities listed above, and learn about the different resources available on the campuses that they are interested in.

Priority Deadline: Friday, May 31st @ 8:00pm

Fellowship dates: June 18th, 2024 - August 1st, 2024 (~10 hours/week) & bi-monthly Fall meetings until the submission of UC applications in November.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Brianna Muñoz at

Dark grey, black, and red logo that includes a red outline of a heart with the program slogan in a circular shape.
"Grow with Knowledge, Learn with RootED"

Hello everyone! My name is Marlenne Perez, and I am a third-year Social Welfare major at UC Berkeley. I am from Moreno Valley, CA and I graduated from Rancho Verde High School in 2022. Currently, I am a NAVCAL Intern, Peter E. Haas Public Service Leader, Experience Berkeley HS Coordinator, and program director for RootED. My aspiration for my career lies in my passion for advocating for education systems and students. I am interested in researching education sites and programs throughout the state of California to create policies and programs to retain and support marginalized students. 

Hello everyone, I'm Amy Vazquez, first generation low-income, and a sophomore here at UC Berkeley. My academic focus lies in the fields of genetics and plant biology, with an interest in majoring in Public Health. I was born in Hayward but I moved to Union City, where I graduated from James Logan High School. I choose Berkeley for its academic rigor, potential to foster diversity, and inclusivity within my areas of study. I'm actively engaged in various campus communities such as the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Poderoso/Puente, NavCal, Social Science Research Pathways (SSRP), Ballet Folkorico (Reflejos del Sol), and currently a part of Peter E. Haas Leaders (PSC Fellowship). These communities have provided valuable support and opportunities for my growth. My involvement in research programs has deepened my understanding of the social determinants of health, particularly regarding low-income communities in the Bay Area. This work has fueled my passion for advocating for underserved communities and addressing healthcare and education disparities. Without the people and communities, I found along the way at my high school and here at Berkeley I wouldn't be where I am today.

Hello! My name is Brianna Muñoz, and I’m a first-gen second year student studying Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. I was born and raised in the southern part of Hayward, CA and I graduated from Tennyson High School in 2023. At Tennyson, I was a part of the Puente club and program and won the Statewide Award, the Green Team, Upward Bound and more. After Cal, I will hopefully obtain a cool job doing UX research or going to graduate school to later conduct my own research in behavioral science :)

Hello! My name is Samantha Ureña Padilla. I was born in Riverside, Ca and graduated from Centennial High School in 2023. I am a second year at UC Berkeley pursuing a double major of Environmental Sciences and Society & Environment. I am a part of many communities on campus, such as EOP, EOP STEM, DSP, NAVCAL, SSRP, and DEIBJ. After my time at Cal, I will later contribute to the success of Hispanic women, low-income, and 1st generation college students by breaking stigmas and overcoming the barriers of the communities that I belong to while advocating for the environmentally disadvantaged. I am very interested in research and learning more about advocacy. I chose to attend Cal to join clubs and organizations such as NAVCAL and Puente to continue learning and sharing success among underrepresented groups on campus.