Mia Cacho

Job title: 
Nav2Cal Student

About Mia:

Mia (she/her) is a second year, low-income, latina at the University of California, Berkeley. She intends to major in Public Health and is an active member of the community at Cal. She is currently working with Cal UPHC, NavCal, Nav2Cal, and the FLSA as an outreach co-chair. Outside of Cal, she is a near peer advisor for Richmond Promise Organization. In the past,  she has interned with Neolth, Kaiser Permanente Launch, and Contra Costa County's Health Services. In the future, she hopes to participate in research concerning the environmental impacts on community health, health disparities, and educational disparities. Mia also wants to pursue a career within the health or public health field someday to improve the health of her community.



  • Fiat Lux Scholarship Recipient

  • Nav2Cal Research Internship

  • Richmond Promise Scholar

  • Richmond Promise Intern 

Research interests: 

Healthcare System, Health Disparities, Underrepresented Populations in Healthcare, Education