NAV2CAL Student

Alan Aguilar

NAV2CAL Fellow, NAV2CALMentor, NAVCAL Intern
About Alan:

Alan Aguilar (he/him) is a first-generation, Filipino, second-year student at University of California, Berkeley. He is the only child of Filipino parents, and comes from Pinole, CA. On campus, Alan is involved with NAV2CAL and NAVCAL as a mentor for students. They are also a part of other communities such as EOP (Education Opportunity Program) and DSP (Disabled Students Program). He is motivated by their peers’ and own experiences with mental health to become a resource that students can rely on for support. As a result, they are a part of the College of...

Alexa Bañuelos

NAV2CAL Fellow, NAV2CAL Themtor
About Alexa

Alexa (they/them) is a second year student intending to major in Computer Science, at the University of California, Berkeley. They are part of communities on campus such as NAVCAL, NAV2CAL, EOP Stem, CS Scholars, and DSP (Disabled Student’s Program). In their first year, they spoke in EOP’s (the Educational Opportunity Programs) commencement ceremony panel to aid new admits in their transition to Cal. Alexa also published their own Daily Cal article titled, “A Perfect College Experience Doesn’t Exist” where they discuss what it means to be a...

Mia Cacho

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Mia:

Mia (she/her) is a third year, low-income, latina at the University of California, Berkeley. She intends to major in Public Health and is an active member of the community at Cal. She is currently working with Cal UPHC, NAVCAL, NAV2CAL, and the FLSA as an outreach co-chair. Outside of Cal, she is a near peer advisor for Richmond Promise Organization. In the past, she has interned with Neolth, Kaiser Permanente Launch, and Contra Costa County's Health Services. In the future, she hopes to participate in research concerning the environmental impacts on community...

Kimberly Cardenas

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Kimberly:

Kimberly (she/her) is a first generation, low income, latinx daughter of Mexican immigrants from Richmond, California. She is a first year undergraduate student at Stanford University, who is on a pre-med track and majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Public Health Policy. She is heavily invested in health equity, and wants to support low-income communities of color – like her own. She dreams of becoming a surgeon to further increase Latinx women representation in medicine and the STEM field. Kimberly is currently involved in various campus organizations like...

Devin Dinh

NAV2CAL Fellow, NAVCAL Mentee
About Devin:

Devin Dinh (he/him) is a first generation, low income Vietnamese-American from the Bay Area. He is a first year student and Kravis Scholar at Claremont McKenna College studying Economics and Engineering. Devin came from a nontraditional background, where he grew up with his family’s small business descending through changing environments, lifestyles, and beliefs influencing the way he was brought up. He is currently a NAVCAL Mentee, Earth Team Volunteer, and a Elementary School Mentor and Tutor. After graduating from college, he intends to pursue a career in social...

Dakota Harris

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Dakota:

Dakota Harris (she/her) is a first-generation, rising second-year at the University of Chicago from Richmond, CA. She is currently pursuing a double major in Visual Arts and Environmental and Urban Studies with a minor in Architectural Studies. She comes from a small family who always taught her to never give up and that the sky isn't the limit, one’s mind is. From that point, she made it her duty to improve not only herself but the community around her to implement perseverance. During her time at UChicago, she has been involved in various...

Suchita Khanal

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Suchita:

Suchita (she/her) is a first year student at UC Berkeley, who intends to major in Public Health. She is a first generation, low income, Nepalese immigrant residing in El Cerrito, California. As the eldest daughter of an immigrant family, she had to become the primary caretaker for her mother, who suffered from Diabetes. On hospital visits, she frequently translated her mother’s symptoms and meal plan necessities from Nepali to English. Her experiences with income and language barriers in healthcare, peaked her interest in pursuing a career in health. At an...

Long Ly

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Long Ly:

Long Ly (he/him) is a first-generation, low-income, Vietnamese immigrant, second-year student attending the University of California, Berkeley. He intends to major in Public Health with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. He is a part of campus communities such as NAVCAL, NAV2CAL, EOP Stem, and DSP. Additionally, Long Ly is an active member of Cal. He is currently working closely with the Volunteer Medical Outreach (VMO) organization by fundraising, to provide underserved, Vietnam communities with healthcare necessities. In the future, he hopes...

Julian Montes

NAV2CAL Fellow
About Julian:

Julian (he/him) is a first-generation, latinx, second year college student at the University of California, Los Angeles. He comes from a low income family consisting of three older half brothers and two younger siblings. Both of his parents are from Sinaloa, Mexico but they are all currently residing in Richmond, California. Currently, Julian is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is involved with several organizations on campus, including Bruin Racing, SOLES (Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists), and Hermanos Unidos. He enjoys Bruin...

Lionel Verano

NAV2CAL Student
About Lionel:

Lionel (He/Him) is a first-generation, low-income, Filipino-American student attending the University of California, Berkeley. He studied vigorously in highschool, all the while supporting his family– the eldest of three siblings–as they adjusted to a completely new environment in the Bay Area. Lionel is a first year student intending to major in Data Science, to pursue a future career in Game Development. As a child, he grew up with video games like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet which fueled his passion for coding and game design. At Cal, he is...