Alexa Bañuelos

Job title: 
Nav2Cal Student, Nav2Cal Mentor

About Alexa 

Alexa (they/them) is a second year student intending to major in Computer Science, at the University of California, Berkeley. They are part of communities on campus such as NavCal, Nav2Cal, EOP Stem, CS Scholars, and DSP (Disabled Student’s Program). In their first year, they spoke in EOP’s (the Educational Opportunity Programs) commencement ceremony panel to aid new admits in their transition to Cal. Alexa also published their own Daily Cal article titled, “A Perfect College Experience Doesn’t Exist” where they discuss what it means to be a Chicane person dealing with a mental health disorder and the positive impact of being able to obtain DSP accommodations. At Cal, their goals are to become a better mentor for their current and future mentees, and also be a real role model for their community in Richmond, CA. To continue mentoring and teaching, they are actively seeking mentorship and internship opportunities within the STEM field, specifically in Math and Computer Science. Additionally, Alexa wants to pursue research on Latine communities by focusing on the lack of queer and fem-aligned Latines in the STEM field. 



  • Nav2Cal Internship

  • UC Berkeley CS (Computer Science) Scholar

  • EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) Stem Scholar

  • Richmond Promise Scholar

Research interests: 

Innovative Latine Figures in STEM, Queer, Fem Aligned Latines in STEM, Mathematics, Computer Science