Agustin Guerrero

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Agustin Guerrero is a political science transfer from Diablo Valley College. He is the son of working-class Latinx immigrants and is himself a first-generation college student. After obtaining his B.A., he plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. Agustin has spent his time at Berkeley engaging in hands-on experience with social science research as a Racial Equity Fellow at the Othering & Belonging Institute. He has also immersed himself in the organizing world as an intern at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. More recently, Agustin has earned himself a paid Research Apprenticeship for the Querétaro Anthropological History Database Project in the Anthropology Department. Agustin's personal experiences inform his academic aspirations, in that he aims for his research to be meaningful and practical for communities that are engaged in struggles for justice and self-determination.


  • Chicano Latino Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient
  • La Unidad Latina Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  • Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity Recipient
  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) — Queretaro Anthropological History Database Project
  • Getting into Grad School Fellow
  • Building NavCal mentorship skills—took friends to office hours; took friends to various campus resources
  • Built relationships with Professors and GSIs
  • Received 3 Letters of Rec so far