Name Job title Role
Alan Aguilar NAV2CAL Fellow, NAV2CALMentor, NAVCAL Intern NAV2CAL Student
Agustin Guerrero NAVCAL Fellow Student
Adrian Alamo NAVCAL Fellow Student
Alex Diaz (Class of 2022) NAVCAL Alumni, NAVCAL Mentor Alumni
Alexsander Rojas (Class of 2023) NAVCAL Alumni, NAV2CAL Mentor, NAVCAL Mentor Alumni
Alishba Sardar NAVCAL Femtor, NAV2CAL Femtor, NAV2CAL Research Coordinator Student
Allen Micheal Wright Graduate Student
Amina Jones (Class of 2022) NAVCAL Alumni Alumni
Andrew Mendoza (Class of 2022) NAVCAL Mentor, NAV2CAL Mentor, NAVCAL Alumni Alumni
Andrew Pham (Class of 2022) NAVCAL Mentor Alumni
Anibel Ferus-Comelo Faculty at GSPP and Director of Student Programming at the Labor Center. Staff
Anthony "Tony" Landers Graduate Student
Arlinda Ruiz (Class of 2022) NAVCAL Femtor, NAVCAL Alumni Alumni
Ashley Kelly Embodiment Coach Staff
Azadeh Zohrabi Director for UC Berkeley’s Underground Scholars Staff
Alexa Bañuelos NAV2CAL Fellow, NAV2CAL Themtor NAV2CAL Student
Betsy Putnam Former Housing Supervisor/Manager BSC Coop Staff
Brittany Kulusich L&S Intake Advisor Staff
Brittany Kulusich (Class of 2019) NAV2CAL Femtor, NAVCAL Alumni Alumni
Mia Cacho NAV2CAL Fellow NAV2CAL Student