Nav2Cal by the Numbers

NAV2CAL Data and Reports

Nav2Cal students over Academic Calendar
Nav2Cal students served
Summer 202070 high school students at a 1:2 average mentor to student ratio
Fall 202035 returning students and 5 new students have joined the Nav2Cal Cohort
Nav2Cal Research Highlights
Nav2Cal Research Positions
Research Positions opened8 Nav2Cal fellows became part of the Nav2Cal Research team
19 Nav2Cal Fellows joined the Research Teams sponsored by Ph.D Candidate Maria Smith, UCB Sociology Department

Race/Ethnicity Composition of Nav2Cal

Percentages of Races/Ethnicities in Nav2Cal
Nav2Cal has taught me many life lessons such as "community over competition", the fact that "there is strength in vulnerability" and "we are not alone".
- Nav2Cal Fellow (WCCUSD Class of 2021)
“Nav2Cal is full of amazing, supportive people who just want the best for you! Their motives and ideas is what must be reached out to a wider audience if we want to make the world a better place.”
- Nav2Cal Fellow (WCCUSD Class of 2021)