Priscilla Mendoza (Class of 2022)

Job title: 
NAVCAL Student Fellow, NAVCAL Alumni

Priscilla is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management in 2022. As a first-generation college student and now a first-generation professional from Santa Ana, California, Priscilla strives to make an impact in multicultural marketing in order to address the needs of people of color and further bolster their representation in the business community. Priscilla is extremely passionate about uplifting the Latinx community and is dedicated to both empowering women of color in business, and to strengthening allyship for members of her community.

Current Employment/Post-Grad Status:

Priscilla is currently an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google!


  • Accepted into Google's Marketing Internship Program
  • Advertising Research Foundation Workforce Initiative on Diversity and Excellence Scholarship Recipient
  • Accepted into HAAS Business School
  • Summer Internship with Ernst & Young
  • $5,000 Ernst & Young Foundation Scholarship Recipient
  • 2x Cal Alumni Association Leadership Scholarship Recipient
  • Textbook Scholarship Recipient
  • PAID Position—Events Assistant in the Center of Equity, Gender, & Leadership at Haas
  • Secured 2 Letters of Recommendation