Prajwala Maharjan

Job title: 
NAV2CAL Mentor, NAVCAL Mentor, NAVCAL Social Media Team Member

Prajwala Maharjan (she/her) is a first-generation, low-income, immigrant from Nepal. She is currently a sophmore at UC Berkeley, a fiat lux scholar, a mentor and intern for NAVCAL, and a part of EOP (Educational Opportunity Program).  She is an intended Data Science major who plans to work with research and analytics for businesses as well as for international education, in the near future. Prajwala's mentorship and involvement in NAVCAL revolves around her goals to increase educational opportunities and improve educational support for those with the same upbringing as her.

"NAVCAL has taught me the importance of taking advantage while demanding opportunities in higher institutions, taking action on the change you want to see, and teaching what you know to your community. The program a big reason I have made so many strides in Berkeley because the support and outline for applying, networking, and how to present ones self has been laid out to me. The extent to this guidance and support is something I have not found elsewhere" -Prajwala 2023



  • Paid Internship with a Vice Chancellor of UC Berkeley!
  • Social Sciences Research Pathways (SSRP) Scholar
  • Independence Appeal Approved
  • Fiat Lux Scholarship Recipient
  • Violet Richardson Scholarship Recipient
  • NAV2CAL Mentor (2022, 2023)
  • Data Scholars Program Participant
  • Boost@BerkeleyHaas Participant
  • Co-founder of Mastering Higher Education
  • NAVCAL Keynote Speaker Summer 2022
  • $7,000 B-Bay Business Summer Program Participant
  • Violet Richardson Award (VRA) Scholarship Recipient
  • Pinole Historical Society Essay Contest Winner
  • Marketing Strategist for Leif Apparel
  • NAVCAL Mentor (2022)
  • NAVCAL Social Media Team
Research interests: 

Education Research & Business Marketing