Norma Garcia

Job title: 
NAVCAL Femtor, NAVCAL Manager

Norma is a first generation, low income student at University of California, Berkeley. She is majoring in Business Administration with an interest in digital marketing and public relations. Norma experienced financial struggles with her family in Los Angeles. Once she arrived at Berkeley, she prioritized finding a community at UC Berkeley and connected with NAVCAL during her freshman year. She learned early on about how to succeed as an underrepresented student from NAVCAL. Afterwards, she took on leadership positions at the Chicanx Latinx Student Development (CLSD) office, the Latinx Business Student Association (LBSA), and paid research opportunities. Today, she is prepared to tackle the journey that lies beyond Cal and has been fortunate to come into contact with many leadership programs such as MLT (Management Leadership for Tomorrow)  which have developed her networking skills. While she explores jobs in the marketing field, she is interested in pursuing an MBA in the future and starting her own business.


Awards, Scholarships, Internships

  • 2x Cal Alumni The Leadership Award 2021
  • 2x Social Sciences Research Pathways (SSRP) 
  • 2x CLAA Scholarship Pledge LA Summer 2022 Internship
  • 2x  HSF Scholarship
  • Stiles Hall Experience Berkeley Coordinator
  • Peter E Haas Service Leaders 
  • LBSA Alumni Scholarship S22
  • Catalino Tapia Scholarship S22
  • Adobe Marketing Internship Summer 2023 
  • Cal Alumni TAAP Scholarship
  • BFFs Scholarship 
Research interests: 

Mam Language, Women’s Rights, Economics