Natalie Rivas

Job title: 

Natalie Rivas or "Nat" (she/her/ella) is a first generation (eldest daughter), Mexican-American, fourth year student at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is majoring in Data Science with Business & Industrial Analytics and is from Richmond, CA. Nat was a part of NAVCAL and NAV2CAL as a student and as their previous Alumni Relations Manager. She continues to be in contact with the NAVCAL family and occasionally is involved with administrative work, behind the scenes. Since then, she has worked with Paragon Consulting as their Senior Vice President of External Affairs.  Nat is currently the Director of IT for the Latinx Business Association (LBSA) on campus and a Business Systems Intern for Cisco Meraki. Additionally, in the upcoming Fall 2023 semester, she will be teaching a DeCal course in a collaboration with Roblox, titled “Intro to Game Development”. Outside the professional and academic settings, she enjoys frequenting the gym and swimming in her leisure



  • 2020 Raices Internship
  • 2022 Cisco Meraki: Business Systems Internship 
  • Senior Vice President of External Affairs for Paragon Consulting
  • Director of IT for the Latinx Business Student Association (LBSA)
  • 2023 Roblox Sponsored Decal Course (Intro to Game Development)
Research interests: 

Women’s Rights, Latinx/Chicanx history & representation


"NavCal helped me find a community when I first arrived to Berkeley. Without them I don't know where I would be now, they helped me organize and structure my academic as well as my personal lives" - Nat Rivas 2023