Janae Briggs (Class of 2021)

"Be open to that new experience and meeting that new person; you never know where that connection will lead." - Janae

Job title: 
NAVCAL Femtor, NAV2CAL Research Coordinator, NAVCAL Alumni

Janae Briggs (she/her) is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health in 2021. As a student, Janae was a part of many communities on campus, such as EOP, transfers, first-gen, and DSP. She will later further her service as a public health researcher & advocate through the CDC & WHO, speaking for those who can not, and for those who are and have been oppressed. She hopes to pursue this through environmental health sciences & health policy sectors of public health. She chose to attend Cal to make change and transform a narrative that has been told to many underprivileged & underrepresented in our system—the narrative that their voice doesn’t matter and that they cannot he heard. Rather, like the Cal motto rings, “Fiat Lux—let there be light,” She has come to bring light to the dark areas of our societal health system, the areas long forgotten, and to expand our understandings and standards of health, policy & well-being. Regarding research, I am passionate about the integration of health disparities, social determinants of health, and chronic disease development in adulthood. Through an MPH in Epidemiology, I hope to ameliorate health disparities and racial inequities by producing research that transforms health policy and reorganizes institutional management of chronic disease treatment and prevention."

Current Employment/Post-Grad Status:

Janae is currently a Presidential Scholar and Candidate for a Master of Science in Epidemiology, Public Health, and Infectious Disease at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health!

Accolades as a Student:

  • University of California, San Francisco: Department of Medicine Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine, Data Manager 

  • The Berkeley Group, COVID-19 Consultant & Public Health Representative, Property Manager

  • UC Berkeley: Division of Equity & Inclusion, Nav2Cal Research Fellowship Executive Director

  • UC Berkeley: Health Promotion, Health, Unity, Belonging Fellow

  • UC Berkeley: Re-entry Students’ Program, Wellness Program Designer

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society 2018

  • Santa Rosa Junior College: Highest Honors Graduate 2019

  • Cal Alumni Club of Oakmont Transfer Scholar 2019

  • TRIO Scholar 2019-20 

  • Cal-ADAR (Advancing Diversity in Aging Research) Scholar 2019-21

  • Cal-IHEA (California Initiative for Health Equity & Action) Scholar 2020

  • Paid Internship with UCSF this Summer 2021 -- Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) Project

  • Cal-ADAR Research Scholar Recipient

  • New Leaders Scholarship Recipient

  • Health Unity & Belonging Fellow

  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP)

  • Health Equity Scholars Insure the Uninsured Conference Scholarship Recipient

  • Osher Re-entry Scholar 2020-21

  • New Leader Scholar 2020-21, 21-22

  • HSF (Hispanic Scholarship Fund) Scholar 2020-21, 21-22

  • Founding Member of the Nav2Cal Research Team

  • Received 3+ Letters of Rec


  • 2019 IRLE Showcase
  • 2020 Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting
  • 2020 Advancing Diversity in Aging Research Summit
  • Briggs, J., Sardar, A., Rodrigues, M., Venable, K. Navigating to Cal: A Comprehensive Overview of Yield Hindrances and Solutions for Underrepresented Minority High School Students from West Contra Costa County. Accepted for presentation at the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment Showcase, December 11, 2019, Berkeley, CA.
  • Briggs, J. & Child, S. Adult Personal Network Characteristics Associated with Early Life Adversity. Accepted for virtual presentation at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting and 2020 Advancing Diversity in Aging Research Summit, November 4-8 2020, Philadelphia, PA.