Dilraj Singh (Class of 2022)

Job title: 
NAVCAL Mentor, NAV2CAL Mentor, NAVCAL Manager, NAVCAL Alumni

Current Employment/Post-Grad Status:

Dilraj Singh (he/him) is a low-income, first-generation student of color from Richmond, California. He graduated from the Haas School of Business in May 2022 and is currently attending Berkeley Law School. He is pursuing a career in tax law, while simultaneously exploring other sectors of law to serve his community. 

Accolades as Student: 

  • Regents' and Chancellor's Scholar - UC Berkeley Class of 2022
  • Graduate of the Haas School of Business
  • Dean's Fellow at Berkeley Law School
"The greatest blessing one can receive is to fail. Only through the process of making mistakes can one truly understand what it takes to succeed" - Dilraj Singh