De Spencer

Job title: 
Nav2Cal Mentor, NavCal Mentor


DeAnte Spencer is a a third-year DSP junior transfer at University of California, Berkeley. He is majoring in African American Studies and is passionate about supporting people and helping them succeed at their highest level. Coming in as a re-entry student, he felt as if he didn’t have any guidance, or resources available to him, but NavCal has provided him with the resources and sense of community in order to succeed at UC Berkeley. As a NavCal and Nav2Cal Mentor, De intends to help educate incoming students that do not come from tradition nor have the guidance.


  • $5,000 Crankstart Reentry Scholarship Recipient

  • Nav2Cal App Support Intern/Mentor

  • Signed up 8+ students for CalFresh and other basic needs programs

  • Applied to 4+ scholarships and counting

  • Building relationships with my Professors

  • Cultivating genuine relationships and friendships

  • Osher Reentry Scholarship Recipient
  • Secured 3 Letters of Rec so far