Daniel Muñoz

Job title: 
NAVCAL Fellow, NAVCAL Mentor

Danny (he/him) is a re-entry, first-generation, formerly incarcerated, junior transfer at the University of California, Berkeley. He was raised in Oakland and San Leandro, and was a part of a disadvantaged family dynamic which led to many hardships. He has spent decades back and forth within the incarceration system and has experienced violence–in 2016, he was shot at five times. Yet in 2020, Danny–a father of six at the time–graduated with honors from his community college in Hayward. During his time at community college, he held officer positions in two clubs and worked three jobs on campus as a Communications tutor, TRiO mentor, and mentor at Chabot College's RISE Program–an organization for formerly incarcerated and systematically impacted students. Since his acceptance at Cal, Danny has declared a Sociology major with a minor in Public Policy and is planning to apply to Graduate School this Fall 2022. He has also been working for the Berkeley Underground Scholars as a Transfer Coordinator. Additionally, he is a part of organizations such as NAVCAL, Native American Student Development, and Older Wiser Learners. Recently, Danny has begun working with AmeriCorps and the California Justice Leaders as a Reentry Youth Mentor. He strives to acquire a career that makes significant and positive impacts on the lives of marginalized youth. Currently, he will be conducting research under Dr. David Harding as a Miller Scholar, and will be delving into social issues involving adverse outcomes for children, in regards to how school funding affects these outcomes and what policies can be implemented to combat them. In the future, Danny aims to obtain a Ph.D and start an At-Risk Youth organization that will provide resources and support in order for children to become successful in their lives. 


  • CAA Alumni Leadership Award Recipient 2020 & 2021

  • CAA Alumni Scholarship Winner 2020 (TAAP)

  • George Miller Research Scholarship Winner 2020

  • Admitted to Goldman School of Public Policy 

  • NAVCAL Mentor

  • Democracy Camp 2021

  • CJL/Americorps Mentor 2021

  • Crankstart Scholarship Winner 2021

  • Osher Scholarship Winner 2022
  • EOP Scholarship Winner 2020

  • Peter E. Haas Leaders Award 2021

  • DSP Student Ambassador

  • USI Policy Fellowship 2022

  • Mentor/Teaching Fellowship at Alameda County Juvenile Hall
  • PPIA UCLA Luskin 2022 Public Service Weekend (PSW)
  • AA-T Sociology
  • AA-T Communication Studies
  • AA Liberal Arts Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Science
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Rhetoric
  • Keynote Speaker at Community College Grad Ceremony
Research interests: 

Children Development, Marginalization, Public Policy and Education, School-to-Prison Pipeline