Brittany Kulusich

Job title: 
Nav2Cal Femtor, NavCal Alumni
College of Letters and Science

Current Employment/Post-Grad Status:

Brittany Kulusich currently works at UC Berkeley's College of Letters & Sciences as an Intake Advisor.

Accolades as a Student:

  • Accepted full-time position with UC Berkeley College of Letter & Sciences as an Advising Assistant
  • UC Berkeley Staff SPOT Award Recipient
  • Paid Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program with Dr. David Harding
  • ​Pacific Islander Leaders of Tomorrow (PILOT) Summer Institute Scholar
  • Conversion Specialist for Disabled Students’ Program’s Alternative Media
  • Peer Advisor in the Department of Sociology
  • Sons & Daughters of Guam Club Inc Scholarship Recipient
  • Received 2 Letters of Rec